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Professional copywriting

Texts you will read and reflect upon. As a communicator, the owner of B & V SpetsCom, Brian Vinther, has worked professionally with copywriting/authoring in many contexts:

  • Portraying companies and single staff members.
  • Making newsletters and press releases.
  • Writing news and background material on company websites.
  • Making PR material and advertisements, including several full-page advertisements in the press.

It is quite essential that written communication is plain, determined and with no frills disturbing the message. Having said that, the language deserves to be played with, making it come alive with a sparkling touch of new ideas and techniques, but with the clear understanding that style and technique must never blur the message.

Especially storytelling is vital when the goal is efficient copywriting. In most cases, the story behind the product is the element that boosts the sales. A product with no history is almost bound to have no future.

Brian Vinther writes in a precise and efficient manner. He is Master of Law and educated at the Danish School of Journalism which gives him a unique ability to transform even very complicated issues into something readily understandable. He knows how to angle the text so that the message gets right through to the recipient without any unwanted noise on the line.

Morten Klæstrup, CEO, Seafood Sales, Frederikshavn

On behalf of our clients, Brian Vinther has handled the following primary tasks:

  • Creation of promotional material and other background marketing.
  • Newsletters and press releases etc.
  • Company plans and company profiles.
  • Media contact being responsible for the right coverage and the necessary damage control.
  • Communication to the authorities and to external partners.

With his journalistic and legal background, Brian Vinther has solved these tasks to the full satisfaction of my clients. Brian Vinther has an explicit and sharp way of communicating making the solutions received by my clients immediately usable and operable.
Brian Vinther’s work efforts are characterized by empathy and the necessary flexibility, so that the wishes of my clients have been complied with to the greatest extent possible.


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