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About B & V SpetsCom

B&V SpetsCom is a sole proprietorship started by Brian Vinther in 2014.

Brian Vinther has as a supplier of almost all kinds of language services a very comprehensive experience: Copywriting, report preparation services, translation, article writing, company and employee portraits, interpreting services, etc. He has over the years delivered his services to some of the biggest Danish companies and to several foreign companies. One of his fortes is his legal and linguistic background which gives him the ability to transform even very complicated material into something readable and even interesting without the target group losing the thread.

Brian Vinther is educated language officer in the Danish army, specialised in Russian language. Later on retrained in Serbo-Croatian language and deployed to the Balkans as commander of the language detachment of the Danish battalion. Furthermore, he has worked in Russia and in the Baltic states – among others at the Danish Embassy in Moscow. Further training in Russian at the University of Odense and the Pushkin Institute in Moscow.

He has a Master of Law from the University of Aarhus and has completed the reportage education at the Danish school of Journalism. Formerly long-standing member of the Danish Union of Journalists.